Siblings Tortured and Abused by Father Confront His Former “Spiritual Wife”

Laura says when she first met Mansa Musa Muhummed, he was very charming and let her and her two children move in with him, his wife and his 13 children. She says Muhummed practiced polygamy and wanted her to be one of his wives. “He ruled his house with fear and discipline,” she says, adding that both she and Muhummed were devout Muslims. “Mansa made the children learn all the Quranic verses,” she says, “and if they didn’t, he would beat them and punish them.” She says living in his house “was like a house of torture.”
Michael, one of Muhummed’s sons, says his father would starve him and his siblings and, at times, made them eat their own vomit. “Our living conditions were like a concentration camp,” he says. “We were on complete lockdown with the doors locked. The windows were locked. I wasn’t even allowed to go to school ... All I knew was abuse.”
“I remember a time my dad took a boat paddle and just cracked me straight across the head,” Crystal says. “Blood was everywhere. He got a needle and thread and stitched my head back up.”

Laura says Muhummed held her hostage and beat her for years, as well, and also raped her, resulting in pregnancy. But Muhummed’s children — who were freed after Laura passed a note to police through a postal worker — claim that Laura is embellishing her story of abuse for her own personal gain.
Watch the video above to see how Laura responds to the children’s accusation, including allegations that she did not act when she first could have to help them.
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