2000th Show Preview

On Tuesday, it's the Dr. Phil 2000th episode! Tune in for a show full of surprises and updates from our most-talked about guests from the past 12 years. You’ll see updates from the biggest news stories — including how the voice of the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, is handling life out of the spotlight. Plus, Todd Herzog — who went from winning Survivor: China to barely being able to walk on Dr. Phil's stage — find out if he stayed in treatment and how he's doing. If you've ever wondered what your favorite guest is up to, don't miss these and many more memorable moments! And, tune in to learn how you can enter to win an amazing vacation!
Find out Whatever Happened To ... and Tune in Tuesday for many more updates!
Ryan's Winning Battle 
When Ryan appeared on the show 11 years ago, he was only 8 years old and was bravely battling Leukemia. The little boy immediately stole Dr. Phil’s heart — and also nearly stole his car!
See how Ryan is doing now — and what big surprise Dr. Phil has for him!

"Divided Over Disowning Our Son"
Season 12 guest Tim enraged viewers when he said in reference to his adopted son, Adam, "I wish we drove past the hospital that day, went to the humane society and picked up a couple of strays instead."
How have things changed for the family?

Married on Dr. Phil's Stage

  Season 2 guest Crystal's wedding day turned into a disaster when she fainted and blacked out right before saying “I do” — and it was all caught on tape. Crystal and her husband, Brent, got a chance to re-do their vows on the Dr. Phil stage.

Find out how they’re doing 10 years later!

Newlywed with an Eating Disorder
Seven years ago, April wrote Dr. Phil, desperate for one last chance to save her newlywed marriage. She weighed a frail 76 pounds on her wedding day due to her battle with a very serious eating disorder. But she says her husband, John, refused to stick around, and she had to adjust to life after divorce, while still battling her disorder.
See how she's doing now!

Stephanie and Bret
When Stephanie and Bret appeared on Dr. Phil's First Show, they told Dr. Phil they made a huge mistake by saying "I Do." They said they argued about everything, often in front of their son, and they were terrified their confrontational marriage was going to end in divorce.
Watch their update!