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Secret Lives of Single Moms
Being a single mother is hard enough, but imagine juggling soccer practice, PTA meetings and homework ... all while trying to cover up a secret life. Susan is a single mom with two kids who works as a prostitute to pay the bills. She says she's never had a real job in her life and is addicted to the money. Can Susan say goodbye to her dangerous job and turn her life around? Then, Stephanie's a single mother of four who's been hiding her secret for 12 years. She's addicted to painkillers and takes 60 times the recommended dosage just to make it through the day. Fearing for their lives and the lives of their children, they both turn to Dr. Phil.
"Get Rid of It!"

Some people say, "When in doubt, throw it out," but others can't seem to get rid of anything. Nathan has a collection of more than 3,000 action figures and spends so much time cleaning, organizing and boxing them, he rarely sees his wife and children. Then, Robert and Heather are on the verge of divorce because of Heather's hoarding. Robert has bailed her out a few times, and now she's hiding a purchase so he won't find out. Will Heather reveal the truth about her clutter and start cleaning it up? Plus, newlyweds Gail and Tom are like the "Odd Couple." He is a neat freak who’s married to a major pack rat. How did they wind up together? Find out what Dr. Phil says about hoarders and get his advice for controlling the clutter in your life.

Reunited, Part 2
Dr. Phil follows up with Susan, who recently confronted her high school bully and reunited with the daughter she placed for adoption 27 years ago. See the surprising twist in her relationships with these two women. Plus, Michelle hasn't seen her older sister in 22 years, since discovering that they were actually mother and daughter. Can they bridge the gap and start over?

 Family Intervention
Andrew, 18, has been clean and sober for seven months and is trying to rebuild his life. Now, he wants an intervention for his family before it's too late. His mother is abusing Xanax and sleeps all day. His father is either abusive or simply absent, and his brother struggles to stay out of jail. Desperate to save his family, Andrew reaches out to Dr. Phil.

"I Hate Myself"
Women often say, "I wish I was skinny," or "Do I look fat?" But what does it mean for their daughters? Michelle says her 13-year-old, Megan, spends most of her time looking in the mirror and picking herself apart. Her self-hatred is starting to take its toll on their family. Then, Tisha has struggled with her weight and low self-esteem all of her life. Now she fears that she's passing those issues down to her 8-year-old who weighs herself every day and calls herself fat. Plus, 19-year-old Irene lost 80 pounds, but says she's still unhappy. Along with supermodel Daisy Fuentes, Dr. Phil offer tools to help raise your daughter's self-esteem.