Dr. Phil's Anti-Bullying Retreat

Tempest, 16
"I would consider myself a mean girl," Tempest says. She says she has been in at least 20 physical fights because she loves the adrenaline rush. "My mom will pretty much let me do whatever I want," Tempest says. "She knows I date an older guy. She knows I smoke weed." She continues, "I’m not a bad kid, but I just do bad things ... Trouble seems to find me."

Katelyn, 13
Katelyn says she was wrongly accused of bullying a former friend, who committed suicide in September 2013. She and another girl were arrested and charged in connection with the death, but all charges were later dropped. Now, Katelyn says she is being bullied — even receiving death threats online. "[People] say I'm a monster. I should go die. It should have been me instead of her," she says.

Hanna, 17
During her sophomore year of high school, Hanna says she was bullied by another girl over a boy. One day that summer, Hanna says she drove to the lake with people she thought were her friends, only to be confronted by the girl she says was giving her trouble. "She pulled me out of the truck by my hair and threw me on the ground, and she started hitting me," Hanna says. "Everyone just stood there watching, and videotaping and laughing."

Nicole, 19
Nicole says people consider her a mean girl, because she's popular on social media and has no problem speaking her mind. "When people post a picture, I feel the need to let [them] know how terrible [they] look," she says. Nicole says she doesn't think she's being a bully; she's just being brutally honest. "I speak the truth, and if you can’t handle it, then it’s not my problem," she says.

Lily, 15
Lily says she was the target of a group of mean girls at her school, who would call her names in the hallways. One day, Lily says one of the girls came up to her at the lockers and started hitting her repeatedly in the head. "All of her friends were gathered around videotaping," Lily says. "A few days later, everyone started posting the video on social media. People were saying really nasty stuff about me."

Hannah, 17
Hannah says she always felt like a target of the "mean girls" at her school. "Sometimes, I would just cry. I was just really depressed," she says. Hannah says things got so bad that she was forced to leave her school and be homeschooled. "I feel like I would have rather been beaten up than being emotionally distressed all the time," she says.

Katie, 15
Katie says her parents think she is a "mean girl." She admits that she and her parents fight a lot. "I'll slowly get to the point where I can't control myself anymore, where I just feel so angry that I’ll just do whatever, because I can't really think straight," Katie says. She says she hasn't always been this way — so, what changed for Katie?

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