Man In Bitter Custody Battle Claims Ex-Wife Is Coaching Kids To Make False Statements About Him

Amid accusations that include abuse, inappropriate touching, poisoning ice cream, and even putting a child in a garbage bag filled with rocks inside a bathtub with the water running, Sandra and Joey say they've been to court about 10 times fighting over the custody of their children.

Watch Sandra's claim that she fears Joey could kill them; Joey says his ex is "crazy."

"Sandra is coaching my children to make me look like a bad father," claims Joey. "These stories are absolutely insane and they keep getting worse ... Sandra is absolutely crazy and she's making my kids believe these outlandish things about me, brainwashing them. She's manipulating my children, and it's disgusting."

Sandra responds, "I am not coaching my daughters to lie. The stories that the girls come home saying are beyond insane, and there's no way I could even make them up."

What do court findings reveal? Watch as Dr. Phil looks at the records as he attempts to help this couple in the video above.

Watch more from this episode, "A Bitter Custody Battle: Claims of Poison in Ice Cream, a Child Wrapped in a Garbage Bag and Inappropriate Touching: What Will the Polygraph Reveal?”

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