Dr. Phil Classic Episodes

This summer, Dr. Phil is opening up the vault to showcase your favorite episodes of all time. These are shows chosen by you, the viewers! Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of August to laugh, cry, reflect and learn from different vintage episodes from past seasons.



Thursday, June 18

Dr. Phil's First Show

Dr. Phil tackles an issue that affects all of us today more than ever " families under stress.

Dr. Phil wastes no time kicking off his new show " what he calls Truth TV " by getting real with stressed-out parents. It's a wake-up call for people who argue in front of their kids. Dr. Phil spoke to Cathy, a single mother so overwhelmed by stress, she constantly yelled at her nine-year-old son, Vincent. She turned to Dr. Phil in an effort to change the behavior that was tearing her family apart. See what Dr. Phil said then, and what he thinks now. (Original airdate: 9/16/02)



Tuesday, June 23

Mixed Signals

Dr. Phil helps you get your message across.

Do you speak with your hands? Tap your feet? Play with your hair? Sit with your arms crossed? Body language speaks volumes " 93 percent of communication is non-verbal " so you may not even realize the signals you're sending. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In this episode, Dr. Phil focuses on body language and appearance rather than the words we say. Learn from one couple how the little things we do can mean more than saying "I love you." Plus, is she simply a self-confident woman, or are her actions driving men away? (Original airdate: 10/25/02) 



Thursday, June 25

"What Do We Do Now?"

Dr. Phil helps you cope when sudden tragedy strikes.

Tragedies can change lives in an instant, often leaving us wondering what to do next. In this powerful episode, Dr. Phil looks at how to cope with personal disaster and move forward. Meet a couple whose child drowned while on vacation, and the mom needs Dr. Phil to help her get past her guilt. Another woman lost her husband to suicide and blames herself for not preventing it. Dr. Phil focuses on giving yourself permission to move on, and not punish yourself for things that are out of your control. (Original airdate: 5/30/03)



Tuesday, June 30

Overweight Children 

Parents deal with childhood obesity.

We now know that the combination of fast food, video games and a sedentary lifestyle have contributed to one out of every three kids in the United States being overweight. With the population of obese children reaching epidemic proportions, Dr. Phil reaches out to parents dealing with obese children. He goes one on one with the mother of a 150-pound 4-year-old to discuss her son's life-threatening condition. Hear why she thinks countless doctors and nutritionists haven't been able to help her little boy, and learn what role Dr. Phil thinks she plays in her son's health and well being. (Original airdate: 2/3/03) 



Thursday, July 2

Silent Darkness

A day in the lives of the world's only known deafblind triplets.

Many parents find raising a child overwhelming enough, but imagine if that child could neither see nor hear you. Liz is the mother of the only known deafblind triplets in the world, who are now 6 years old. Because one of the girls is able to communicate at a 2-year-old level, and the other girls at only 10-month-old levels, Liz's days are consumed by their 24-hour care. She's also raising a 10-year-old daughter, who is oftentimes overlooked among the chaos of the triplets. After years of dealing with the girls on her own, a new man stepped into Liz's life to fill the shoes of her ex-husband. George thought he could become Liz's hero, but their relationship has been strained from the start, and the stress is tearing them apart. See what a day in Liz and George's lives are like, and the surprises Dr. Phil has in store for them. Plus, meet an inspirational woman who says her world turned from light to dark at the age of 15. She shares a message for George and Liz. Don't miss this heartbreaking and heroic story. (Original airdate: 2/28/07)



Tuesday, July 14

Dr. Phil's Can't-Miss Parenting Techniques

Dr. Phil shares parenting techniques that work like a charm!

Since the dawn of time, since the first man and woman gave birth to the first bouncing bundle of joy, parents everywhere have asked the same question throughout the ages, "How do I get my child to do what I need him or her to do?" From potty training to picking up their rooms to not picking on their siblings, parents have a million questions and Dr. Phil is ready to answer them! Tune in and learn the secrets to child rearing that will improve your life and your children's behavior forever. (Original airdate: 11/8/02)



Thursday, July 16

 Too Much of a Good Thing?

Find out when too much becomes too much. 

Do you know people who use work, food, shopping, money to the extreme? When does it become too much? Our guests are self-proclaimed work-, shop- and food-aholics. They say their incredibly strong need for these things feels almost like an addiction. (Original airdate: 10/18/02)



Tuesday, July 21 

Marriage in the Electronic Age

Dr. Phil asks, "Are gadgets ruining your marriage?"

Are you or your spouse a gadget junkie? One woman says that her husband is having an affair with his cell phone and she is fed up! He spends hours a day on personal calls, but fails to communicate with his family. Will Dr. Phil finally get him to hang up his phone and talk to his wife? Another guest is so addicted to the television that it's ruining his marriage. He has seven sets turned on at all times, and now his teenage kids are following his bad example. Can Dr. Phil peel these couch potatoes away from the TV set for one day? (Original airdate: 11/3/03)



Thursday, July 23

A Family Divided: Meet the Family

Dr. Phil turns the spotlight on a family in serious crisis.

They seemed perfect from the outside, but behind closed doors, bad choices, deceit and a teen pregnancy tore them apart. Meet Martin and Erin, and their two daughters, Alexandra and Katherine. During this season-long series, Dr. Phil went in-depth and one on one with this family in crisis. He started them on the long road to recovery by focusing on their most crucial issue: a pregnant teenage daughter. (Original airdate: 9/18/03) 



Tuesday, July 28

Trading Places

Walk a day in someone else's shoes.

Have you ever wondered if the grass is really greener on the other side? These guests find out as they spend a day living someone else's life, and Dr. Phil joins them. See Phil as you've never seen him before â€"- working behind the counter at Costco! Also, one woman sees overweight people as lazy and arrogant. Will wearing a 300-pound suit for a day change her attitude? Plus, a stay-at-home mom finds out if the life of a trash collector is more exciting than her own. And don't miss Dr. Phil pulling 7 G's with the Blue Angels! (Original airdate: 5/16/03) 



Thursday, July 30

Kids Ask Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil answers kids' questions.

Dr. Phil opens his mailbag and lets kids ask anything that's on their minds. He tackles some tough questions. Sixteen-year-old Rachel likes to go clubbing with her friends, but says her 1:00 a.m. curfew is way too early. Are her parents too strict, or is she being unreasonable? Then, 15-year-old Kayla hasn't lived with her drug-addicted mom for three years. Her mom is sober now, but should Kayla let her mother back into her life? Plus, meet a woman who's been struggling to keep her family together since she was 13 years old. Don't miss Dr. Phil's insight and surprises for all. (Original airdate: 4/21/05)  



Tuesday, August 4

Living Beyond Your Means

Today's topic is over-commitment.

Are you overscheduled and overspent? These guests are living beyond their means " emotionally, physically and financially. Dr. Phil challenges his guests to re-engineer their overscheduled, over-expensed and over-stressed lives. By examining our everyday routines, Dr. Phil shows us how our decisions lead us to live life frantically or happily ever after. Tune in and discover the solutions to chronic over-commitment that will improve your life, and your bank account! (Original airdate: 11/12/02)



Thursday, August 6

Is Flirting Good, Clean Fun, or Can There be Consequences?

Meet women who feel their flirtatious behavior is harmless.

Dr. Phil takes on incurable flirts! Meet two flirtatious women who admit that they enjoy enticing men, and another woman who'll give you the lowdown on her "Kissing Bandit Game," in which she and her friends score points based on how many and what types of men they kiss during a night out. Be there when Dr. Phil's audience " both wives and girlfriends " express their anger with flirts. (Original airdate: 11/25/02)   



Tuesday, August 11

Roles in Marriage

Try walking a mile in your partner's shoes.

You may think her job looks easy, and she may think you don't do a thing all day! Dr. Phil puts his own marriage to the test by switching daily routines with his wife, Robin. Can they handle the daily grind of each other's lives? It's a "first" when Dr. Phil takes a trip to the grocery store, does the laundry and bakes a cake (or at least tries to)! How did Dr. Phil do? And, while Dr. Phil and Robin have come up with a division of labor that works for them, these couples turn to Dr. Phil for help. It's not as easy as it looks to walk in your spouse's shoes. You may even walk away from today's episode with a better perspective. (Original airdate: 11/6/02) 


Thursday, August 13

The Deadly Teen Choking Game

Find out if your kids are playing this deadly game.

Imagine if your child used suffocating or choking in order to get high. It's a dangerous trend that's going across America. Many kids call it Space Monkey or the choking game, but the consequences can be deadly. Robin witnessed her 14-year-old daughter and her friends giggling, choking and passing out. But what Robin saw was no laughing matter. Find out why her daughter enjoys the game, despite its dangerous repercussions. And, Sarah's 13-year-old son made tragic headlines when he died playing the choking game. How can she move past the guilt? Dr. Phil addresses a trend that looks innocent on the surface, but can affect teens in the worst way. (Original airdate: 9/27/05) 



Tuesday, August 18

Real-Life Drama Queens

Today's guests may just relish the limelight.

Are you one of those people who can't resist turning an ordinary life event into a huge spectacle? One daughter says that her mom's drama queen ways are wreaking havoc on their family. Mom claims she's innocent and that all her stories are basically true, and that she just adds color to make them more interesting. Also, meet a man who would rather lie to his wife than endure her melodramatic reactions. Are these drama queens really avoiding their lives by creating so much turmoil? Plus, Dr. Phil's advice on how to spot a drama queen. (Original airdate: 4/29/03)



Thursday, August 20

Mind Your Own Business!

Do you want your loved ones to just butt out?

You know the type: they go through your wallet, trace your phone calls and even get in their car to follow your every move. They're meddlesome, nosy people who love to snoop! Today's guests are fed up with loved ones who can't seem to stay out of their business. Carla, 31, says she's tired of her mother, Pamela, tracking her every move day and night. Pamela says having a house right behind her daughter makes keeping an eye on her easy. She even cut down Carla's hedges so she could see better! Does this backyard buttinsky know best, or does she need to stay on her side of the fence? Then, Christie is so obsessed with snooping on her husband, Shannon, that she reads his e-mails, checks his phone messages and even smells his clothes just to make sure he's not cheating on her. Shannon says he has no privacy and is contemplating leaving his wife. What will Dr. Phil say is behind Christie's constant snooping and interrogations? Plus, a mom who says as long as her children live under her roof, she has the right to eavesdrop on their phone calls, read their diaries and even search through their clothes while they're sleeping! Is she crossing the line? (Original airdate: 5/11/06)



Tuesday, August 25

"Get Off My Back!"

Today's episode asks, "Are you too controlling?"

Are you tired of being told, "That's not good enough," or "You're doing it wrong"? Dr. Phil talks to controlling, combative, outspoken guests, and the loved ones who desperately want them off their back! Tia demands perfection from her kids in school, music and sports. She's even selected the perfect bride for her 14-year-old son! Then, he's been called the worst husband in Dr. Phil history! When Deanna and Mike last appeared on the show, Mike shocked the nation with his treatment of Deanna. Now, that they're back, tune in to see if Dr. Phil was able to help this dysfunctional couple mend their ways. (Original airdate: 5/18/05) 



Thursday, August 27

Dr. Phil's How To Series

Dr. Phil teaches you how to motivate a spouse and be a better parent.

Meet a mom who wants to be a better parent, a wife who can't get her husband off the couch, and a husband who just can't seem to please his finicky wife. What do all these people have in common? Dr. Phil gives them what they need to put their lives back on track. No matter what the issue, we all face problems that keep us from leading a happier, healthier life. Tune in and find yourself in these courageous guests, as they face their own battles with the help of Dr. Phil. It's appointment television you won't want to miss! (Original airdate: 9/20/02)