Dr. Phil On Finding Resolution, Not Retribution In His Hometown And Beyond

First, two black men gunned down, allegedly for no reason. But what followed was just as unthinkable, 12 police officers were shot at and five killed while doing their jobs protecting peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters marching in Dallas, Texas.

On a general scope, I consider myself an incurable optimist. I love people and I believe in the inherent goodness of all of mankind regardless of race, religion or geography. And I believe EVIL is an aberration not a natural stop on the continuum of humanness.

On a more specific level, if you have known me over the last 20 years, you know I am passionate in my support of our men and women in law enforcement and the military — the brave souls who stand in the gap and put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us every single day.

Lately, my heart has been greatly saddened by certain choices, mistakes and misdeeds seemingly made by civilians as well members of law enforcement, both in the trenches and at the leadership level, across this country and now most recently it has touched my former home of Dallas, Texas.

Martin Luther King, the most respected civil rights leader in history, said, “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence.” As a country, we need to remember and live by those words.

You need to know and understand that this retaliation shooting was NOT in any way connected with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The actions of this sniper or snipers are not the actions of “change agents.” These are gutless, cowardly actions that cannot and should not be celebrated or endorsed by any member of the human race regardless of the color of their skin or the anger in their hearts. This kind of action takes us further from solutions, not closer. It broadens any divide, rather than narrow it. God does not bless murderous violence by anyone regardless the motivation. Nor will He endorse wanton retaliation. We are a society of laws and now more than ever we must lean on logic and common sense.

I love Dallas, Texas and the people in it. I raised my family there and have deep roots in that community. I call on my dear friends, the Bishop T.D. Jakes and former Dallas Cowboy great Emmitt Smith to join me in calling for calm in Dallas, while also committing that our beloved Texas community will become the example for transparency and will not stop until transgressors on BOTH sides of any conflict, be they law enforcement or civilian, are brought to justice. I pledge to work with you two friends and gentlemen in any way I can.

And remember, the actions of some police officers who may have wrongly taken innocent lives does not represent every man and woman on the police force.This must not turn into a war against the police. It must be a war against the idea that one life is worth more than another. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

May God Bless Dallas and may God bless us all in this difficult time as we look for resolution not retribution.