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The Dr. Phil Foundation partners with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and his wife, Beth, to help disadvantaged families in the Gulf Coast. 







The Winning Team
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and his wife, Beth, recently created a foundation called Payton's Play it Forward. The mission is improving the lives of families and children in health, education and social welfare. The Dr. Phil Foundation was one of three beneficiaries that received $100,000 from this organization. Play it Forward donated a total of $350,000 to local and regional charities.




Meet the Recipients
During Sean and Beth Payton's Black & Gold Gold gala, Dr. Phil announced his intention to give back to children's organizations of New Orleans. "I look at it as the beginning of a partnership. Every penny that we receive from you guys, we're going to build on with our millions of viewers, and we're going to bring it right back here to the children New Orleans," he said.


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Giving Back 

Below are a list of children's organizations that were recipients of a grant from The Dr. Phil Foundation " all made possible by the vision of Coach Payton and his wife, Beth.