Dr Phil Family

Behind this picture-perfect family lies a family in crisis. Tormented by marital woes, debt and parenting dilemmas, the second Dr. Phil Family struggles to stay together.
"A Family in Crisis" Shows
  • What Does the Future Hold?
  • Will Chris Cheat?
  • Still Fighting
  • Fired For Good?
  • Will Dr. Phil Fire This Family?
  • Stacy and Chris Put to the Test
  • Stacy and Chris Face Off
  • Twelve-Year-Old Michael Leaves Home
  • Stacy Drops a Bombshell
  • Meet the Family

    Meet "A Family Divided" 

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  • Changing Your Attitude, Changing Your Life
  • Maintaining a Successful Relationship
  • Strategies for Rebuilding a Marriage
  • Stop Fighting in Front of the Kids
    Quizzes and Tests
  • Relationship Health Profile Test
  • Partner Awareness Quiz
  • Building a Partner Profile
    For more information on Happy Hill Farm, the school for at-risk children that Dr. Phil referred Michael to, visit their Web site at http://www.happyhillfarm.org. Donations are welcome.
    Dr. Phil asked Harvard professor and financial planner Elizabeth Warren, author of The Two Income Trap, to review Chris and Stacy's finances.

    The Two-Income Trap
    By Elizabeth Warren and
    Amelia Warren Tyagi