For Better or Worse?


Can Dr. Phil talk some sense into a wealthy woman who left her husband and fortune

for a younger man and his tent?


When people get married, they recite the vows, "To love, honor and cherish for better or worse." But with a 50 percent divorce rate in America, do newlyweds really take these words to heart? Lancine wrote the show because she and her sisters want Dr. Phil to talk some sense into their mother, also named Lancine. The daughter says her mother is wealthy and owns three homes with her husband, but she's left him for another man and now lives in a tent! The senior Lancine says she enjoys life in the portable home more than living in the house in an unhappy marriage, but her daughters say she's acting like she's been bitten by puppy love. Do the girls have valid concerns, or are they overreacting to their mother's behavior? Then, Matthew had an affair with his employee and lost his job while his wife, Libby, was pregnant. He says he made the biggest mistake of his life, but does he understand the gravity of his behavior? Libby says she was devastated to learn her husband was living a secret life for almost a year. You won't believe what she learned from Matthew's mistress! Will she forgive her spouse and salvage their relationship? Dr. Phil tells her what she must do for herself and her children.