Former Marine And Model On How She Became Addicted To Heroin

Courtney, a 30-year-old former model, decided to join the Marines after 9/11, and then served in Iraq, where she was severely injured. "During my tour in Iraq, a mortar explosion knocked me off this 40-foot wall, and I dislocated both my shoulders," she explains. She was treated with surgery as well as prescription pain pills.
Watch as her parents reflect on how their daughter's life spiraled out of control.
"When I got out of the Marines is when I started abusing the pain pills," says Courtney. "When I couldn't get a prescription, I started using heroin. Getting heroin is easier than ordering a pizza. I could have heroin brought to my house in one phone call."
In the video above, she describes what it feels like to be high: "In the beginning, it feels really good. It's like having sex and winning the lottery at the same time."
Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Courtney explains, "I've been to detox a lot but slid back into my old lifestyle ... I can't even function until after I get high."
When Courtney speaks with Dr. Phil, she opens up about how being raped while in the military contributed to her downward spiral, and is faced with a life-changing decision: Is she ready to get the help she needs? Watch more here.

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