The Numbers Lady: Glynis McCants

Celebrity numerologist and author of Love by the Numbers Glynis McCants breaks down the numbers behind the relationship between actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. And, Glynis breaks down Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius' number. "When you look at someone’s name and their birth date, you get six numbers that make up the numerology blueprint of who they are. There are three numbers in your name, there are three numbers in your birth date. The basic numbers are only one through nine, and with that information, I’m able to tell you who’s good for you, and whom you should let go," she says. "Numbers are in home addresses, businesses, licenses — and when you understand that, you have tremendous power."
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: Do their numbers add up to a match made in heaven?


        Oscar Pistorius: What do the numbers reveal about his personality?

            Miley Cyrus: Glynis explains what the numbers tell her about Miley Cyrus, as noted in her book, Love by the Numbers, written in 2009. Coincidentally, Miley's father, Billy Ray Cyrus, seems to confirm the projection during an appearance on The Talk.

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