AGE 50



FOUR KIDS (31, 25, 20, 15)

  • Husband recently confirmed his affair of four or five months.
  • "This has blown my self-esteem to smithereens."
  • Confronted mistress on the phone. "She was so disrespectful and angry. She said if I had taken care of my husband, this never would have happened."
  • "I've never said no to my husband. I'm the one who likes sex. He's the one who stopped wanting sex. He stopped wanting sex the day I got pregnant with our son 15, 16 years ago."
  • Feels she can't leave marriage. "I'm a 50-year-old woman, no savings account, no career. I have no options but to make this work."
  • "I feel disgusted, disappointed, sick. He's trash. I have so much hatred. He's disgusting; the fact that he can do this to his own family just makes me sick."
  • "I still love him, absolutely. I don't know how that's possible. It makes me sick inside to think I'm weak enough to still love him."


Jennifer blogs about reaching out to Dr. Phil for help and her first impressions:


"The rage that I feel is so raw, so primal, that I know that I'm capable of physically harming the two people responsible for tearing my world apart " My lying, cheating husband and the trash he was involved with. The anger that I feel is so all-encompassing that I feel like I can't breathe. I can no longer sleep, I can't eat, I'm physically ill all the time. My insides are literally burning. My brain won't stop spinning. I can't find relief anywhere!
"In desperation, I do something I've never done before, something so out of character, I can't believe that I'm doing it. I e-mail a question to the Dr. Phil show. One simple question, and that's all it took for my life to change. My question was how do I get past this anger that I feel?" ...


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