Taking the Next Step: Get Real Retreat - Jessica

Jessica sought help from Dr. Phil because her struggle with weight and was causing her to hate herself. Here's what she had to say on the show:

My name is Jessica, and I'm here because I hate myself and judge myself so much, it's taken over my whole life. I genuinely hate everything about my appearance, about my life and about the way I look.

I would describe myself as very much a failure, a disappointment, fat, ugly, disgusting. Whatever anybody else says, it doesn't really matter. In my mind, 'You're fat. You're ugly. You can't do anything unless you look better.' I'm just sick and tired of living this way. There's no hope.

Jessica gives an update since the show:

I'm going through a tough time. I'm not going to lie, but I know as I release my spirit of my past, I will grow and continue to keep the commitment I made a year and a half ago. I'm making it through, and I'm doing it without giving up on myself. We all go through tough times in life, and I'm no different. However, I am making it through with grace and compassion toward myself and my spirit.
I'm going strong in my academics. I love school. I'm excited to grow and strengthen my mind. It's great. I thank you, Dr. Phil, for your help. It will never go unnoticed in my present and future. My academics are proof of my growth, and I'm so excited I'm excelling where I never thought I could excel. The thoughts of stupid are gone. I live with a high standard on my academics, and I'm excited to see the truth. Every day I go to school and strengthen my mind. I'm excited to continue my education, and will be transferring to my dream school, UC San Diego in the spring of 2011 or 2010, depending on class schedules. I am a broke student, but I am a happy and excited broke student.
I have started a business with my mom, DoubleFaultTennis.com " tennis t-shirts with an edge. I love this line and hope it excels to great new opportunities and people. It's so cool to say, "I'm a CEO!"

I will continue to be a worthwhile woman and know I am worth the time, energy and effort to live, and love myself and my life. Thank you again. My words of gratitude will never be enough to tell you how happy I am that I made the cut on the show. I live every day with life as it happens, trusting myself to make the right decisions and realize I have redefined my life and redefined my future " my future education, relationships, love for others, and most importantly, LOVE for myself. I never thought I'd wake up every day, no matter the struggle and stress at times, and say, "I want to LIVE and LOVE myself always. I'm first priority, and I will continue to rise to high expectations, because I know I'm worth it, always!"