Joani's Intervention Archive


When Dr. Phil first met Joani during his primetime special, she had a 30-year addiction to drugs and spent a lot of her time hiding in bathrooms, shooting up. She was a mother of two who couldn't get through a half hour without a fix. Her drugs of choice were methamphetamines, opiates and tranquilizers. Even worse, Joani was a nurse in a drug rehabilitation facility.
Dr. Phil told her, "The next 10 minutes are going to determine whether you live or die." Joani chose to live and checked herself into rehab.
Now, Joani is clean and sober. To pay it forward, she helps other addicts get help, often documenting their lives and bringing their story to Dr. Phil's attention. Her book, The Interventionist, is about her journey from addict to interventionist and how she turned her life around. Joani says helping people get clean and change their lives is very gratifying. She's found her passion.


She tells Dr. Phil, "I cannot express enough gratitude to you, Dr. Phil. I know you probably hear this a lot, but you saved my family. We could just not have gotten well without you and the resources that this show provided us. For that, I'll forever be grateful." 

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