Meet the Staff

The Dr. Phil show is produced by a dedicated team who brings you the stories that matter. Meet a few of the talented people behind the scenes!
Executive Producer, Carla Pennington

Carla helped launch the Dr. Phil show 10 years ago and is executive producer of Dr. Phil and The Doctors. Learn what Carla did before the show, how she says she balances career and family and the best advice Dr. Phil ever gave her.


Coordinating Producer, Astra Austin

From working passionately on the show's anti-bullying series to being part of a Dr. Phil first — learn more about coordinating producer Astra Austin!


Coordinating Producer, Ed Santos

Ed has been with the show for 10 years and for the last several years, he's been the lead producer for the Dr. Phil Family. Learn more about his love of travel and the other Phil in his life!


Senior Producer, Alex Williamson

Alex is in his third season with the show. Find out what drew him to a career in television and one of his proudest moments as a producer.

Senior Producer, Julie Ross

Julie has worked for the show since the very beginning. She and her team have been nominated for several PRISM Awards and took one home for the first time this year. Learn about the moment Julie says she realized she wanted to work with Dr. Phil, and what she is most passionate about outside the office. Plus, meet Reno!


Producer, Beth Thompson Grealy

Beth has been with the show for five years and produced the Dr. Phil Housewives series. Learn more about Beth!