Taking the Next Step: Parenting with Pills

Nicole first sought help from Dr. Phil because her son suffers from ADD/ADHD.  His school wanted to give him pills, but she didn't want to pump him with drugs. Here's what she had to say:
"He kicks, screams and yells when he doesn't get his way," said Nicole. He once lit a poster in his room on fire and almost burned down the house.
Austin had taken a variety of medications over previous years, but he suffered side effects.
"I don't want to take the medication," Austin said. "I hate life because I take it."

Nicole gives an update since the show:

I am the mother of Austin, who appeared on the Dr. Phil show five years ago, and what an amazing five years it has been. First of all, thank you Dr. Phil and Dr. Lawlis, for everything. Without you guys, I don't think my son would even be alive.

Nine years ago, Austin was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. It was the most difficult of times for him and I. As a kindergartner, the school wanted him medicated, and I didn't know any better. It took me four years of drugging him every morning and sending him off to school, just to find out he was a zombie and that he couldn't eat. The drugs/pills were going to kill him if I didn't seek help. His bikes and skateboards would just sit in the garage ... I didn't know what to do, where I should turn for help. He was always sick, green-looking. Every doctor in town simply would offer a new drug. In the four years he was medicated, he was on these drugs: Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta and Strattera.

It simply took an e-mail to Dr. Phil, and the rest is history, as they say. I got my son back. Yes, he still has ADD/ADHD (and he always will), but he has learned to deal with his disorder, as have I. Five years ago, Dr. Lawlis introduced us to the BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device). What an amazing device. Not only has it helped my son with his disorder, but we have introduced it to hundreds of our friends and family, and they too have benefited from using it!

Austin is in eighth grade and is now 13 years old. I remember a few days before Austin's 8th birthday, we met with Dr. Lawlis for the first time, and within several minutes, Dr. Lawlis and I both knew that Austin could control his own disorder, simply by using and understanding the BAUD. I knew that if we could tell Austin's story to the world, that he could be unmedicated, because I knew that there had to be something out there in this world besides drugs/pills. Why are we still giving our children drugs from the 60s? The drug companies hate us, I'm sure. But this I know: Dr. Phil and Dr. Lawlis have changed our lives, and we are absolutely grateful.
School is still somewhat of a struggle for him, and for some children, it is and always will be. But at least when he goes to school, he eats and has nourishment to continue through the day ... unlike years ago. I remember a time when he would only be able to eat a banana and that's it, because of what the drugs did to him.
Austin's story is amazing, and very inspirational. He has spent these last five years talking to others about his disorder, from everyday Joes and their children to high profile celebrities. About four years ago, Austin had an idea to write a book about his disorder. He sat at the computer and would simply start typing about all that he had been through. The book is for children and their parents, to better understand the disorder. The paperwork and documents that I have saved over the years (that will be a part of the book) would shock most anybody. The book will include before and after pictures of Austin. You have to realize that Austin grew three inches, and gained 30 pounds in the first 30 days of leaving the Dr. Phil studios and being unmedicated. Today, Austin is 145 pounds, and 5 feet 10 inches. I have my boy back. He is a happy, healthy, teenager who realizes how precious life is, because it was almost taken from him at such as early age.  

We have spent the last five years keeping track of Austin's growth, and keeping in touch with Dr. Lawlis. Dr. Lawlis is a very big part of our family, and again, we are very thankful for his insight and firsthand experiences.
As a result of our appearances on the Dr. Phil show, we have made several friends across the country. They simply contacted me as an outlet, because I knew so much about the disorder, and I am proud to say that we have stayed in contact with them, and they too are doing well.
Austin, I love you very much, and for you to have known at such a young age that you didn't want those drugs in your system, still to this day, just blows my mind. You knew it, when nobody else did. Nobody would listen to you, except the doctor on TV. Yeah, the tall, bald doctor ... He would and did change your life.