Real Life Audio Clips


"If you have a mental disorder " if you are depressed, anxious, confused, obsessive in your thinking, or compulsive in your behavior, or have difficulty differentiating reality from fantasy " you are not crazy," says Dr. Phil in his new book Real Life: Preparing for the 7 Most Challenging Days of Your Life. "You are not a second-class citizen. You do not have some inadequacy or spiritual deficiency that should cause you to be ashamed or to cower from dealing with or talking about this problem."


In the following audio clips, Dr. Phil reads from the Mental Health chapter of Real Life. He tackles The Five Myths about Mental Health and The Many Faces of Anxiety Disorder. Although Dr. Phil is not empowering you to self-diagnose or diagnose a loved one, he attempts to demystify examples of mental illness in plain language. 


Real Life, read by Dr. Phil, is available on audio (Simon & Schuster/ 074357124X/ $39.99). To purchase your copy, click here.