Relationship Retreat

For these six couples, time is running out. Turning to Dr. Phil as their last hope for saving their marriages, they are locked in his studio for two days. Sixteen cameras capture their every waking moment. Can they get past their fighting, betrayal, infidelity, anger, lies, manipulation, nagging, emotional coldness and demeaning ways?

"There comes a point in every relationship when it's time to stop complaining, start asking for what you want, and turn the corner," Dr. Phil tells them. That time is now.

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Paul, 27, and Nora, 25
Married 6 1/2 years, 1 child
They don't know how to communicate unless they are fighting — which they do every day. Paul has gotten physical with Nora, pinning her to the ground during a fight. During one of their separations, Nora had an affair.

Meet this couple.
"Why are you two together?" Dr. Phil asks.
Paul struggles to forgive.
Do they need to separate?
How Nora can take her power back.
Learning to be accountable.

Rene, 30, and Gelsy, 29
Married 3 years, 4 children
They fight in front of their kids, and their 2-year-old has started to say the F-word because of it. Gelsy says she'd have left Rene already if she didn't need his money. She says she "feels like a loser" when Rene yells at her for not having a high school diploma. Rene can't stand his wife's perfectionism, materialism and lack of gratitude.

Meet this couple.
What is Gelsy hiding behind?
Rene's self-destructive attitude.
Discussing their childhoods for the first time.
A change in attitude.

Eric, 34, Jennifer, 30
Married 11 months, 1 child
Their fights have escalated to throwing things, spitting and pinching. If they weren't picked to work with Dr. Phil, Jennifer says she'd have left her husband for good. Eric says his wife is controlling and critical.

Meet this couple.
Is Jennifer a right-fighter?
Eric makes peace with his past.
Their first anniversary.

Rob, 36, and Deanna, 37
Married 15 years, 4 children
Former high school sweethearts, they fight in front of their kids and both admit to having a temper. Deanna thinks that Rob, who recently lost his father and aunt, has a drinking problem. Rob says he is frustrated with Deanna's controlling ways.

Meet this couple.
"I have a problem drinking," Rob admits.
Rob faces his biggest fear.
A brand new family.

Mike, 36, and Kimberly, 32
Married 2 1/2 years, 2 children
Their relationship began as an affair when Mike was married to his first wife. Mike says that ever since Kimberly went off the pill without telling him and then got pregnant, their trust has been broken. Kimberly resents that Mike works out of town while she raises the children alone. She says he's emotionally unavailable and feels he misrepresented himself before they got married.

Meet this couple.
Kimberly's stepkids call her the "adulterer."
Changing Mike's defininition of a man.
'Like teenagers again.'

Vinnie, 36, and Donna, 40
Married 3 years, 2 children
They have marathon fights every day and wake up in the middle of the night to continue them. They separated once, and on that very day, Vinnie started an affair. One therapy appointment ended when the counselor called the cops to break up their fight.

Meet this couple.
Infidelity, disrespect and revenge.
The self-defeating games they play.
Vinnie asks for forgiveness.
"We need to talk about divorce," Dr. Phil says.
Dr. Phil's ultimatum.
Struggling to leave the past behind.

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