Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund



The impact of Hurricane Katrina that struck Louisiana, Mississippi and portions of Alabama will be next to impossible to measure. All of us have watched in disbelief as tens of thousands of people literally lost everything they had. Lives have been lost, people displaced, homes destroyed and jobs wiped out. For those who survived, their sense of well-being and feeling of safety will be forever compromised.
Dr. Phil has counseled evacuees in Dallas and Houston, and is on his way to New Orleans to continue the process of working with evacuees as well as rescue workers who have been greatly affected by this tragedy. The needs are great and the resources that will be needed to re-build communities and lives will be significant.
You too can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Dr. Phil Foundation has established a special fund with every penny going to support disaster relief efforts.
Consider a donation to the Dr. Phil Foundation "Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund." You can make a contribution at