Taking the Next Step: Number One Complaint about My Spouse

Robert and Elizabeth, sought help from Dr. Phil because Elizabeth was frustrated that her husband, Robert, was snoring like a freight train, making it impossible for her to get any ZZZs. Here's an exchange they had with Dr. Phil on the show:

Dr. Phil addressed Robert. "Do you wake up rested?" he asks.
"No, not at all," Robert replied.
"How many times do you wake him up during the night?" Dr. Phil asked Elizabeth.
"Constantly. Almost every 15, 20 minutes," she answered.

"Y'all don't want to sleep in separate rooms, right?" Dr. Phil inquired.
"No. I miss him," Elizabeth says. "It's not very romantic. It's hard to get romantic."
Dr. Phil noted that Robert had tried sleeping aids, such as lozenges and custom-made pillows, but to no avail. But he had some good news for the noisy napper. Dr. Craig Schwimmer, founder and CEO of The Snoring Center in Dallas, Texas, agreed to fly Robert to his facility and provided free surgery to eliminate his snoring problem.

Elizabeth gives an update:

Our experience on the Dr. Phil show was amazing. We had a great experience. I think, in meeting Dr. Phil, we were a little in awe. He was extremely down to earth, and gracious in meeting our son and taking a picture with us. After the show, Dr. Phil put us at ease with his confidence in Dr. Schwimmer. We absolutely didn't expect anything remotely close to that happening. We're extremely grateful to the staff after the show. We were kept informed on what we could expect, and we absolutely had no worries.
We never thought that being on the Dr. Phil show would change our lives, but it has! Instead of being "roommates," we actually share a room now. Since the surgery, the tension in the house has been down, because we're no longer as irritable and grouchy from lack of sleep. Robert has stopped snoring. He may have a few episodes, but they are nowhere near as irritating as before. He has lost weight, he's eating better, and we have a social life. Because he is getting more rested during the week, he no longer comes home and starts snoring on his chair. We are doing things together, like going dancing, which we haven't done in years. He was always too tired, and didn't want to get out. But now he has more energy. We didn't realize just how much his snoring was affecting our entire relationship and his health. Lack of sleep and sleep apnea can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and many other issues. Robert, because he is sleeping better and actually getting the rest his body needs, is losing weight. He has lost 8 pounds! He feels more energetic, he's not so grumpy, he's more relaxed, he's had the motivation to eat better, and he's playing the drums again. Many of these things he's done in the past, but hadn't tried in many years because he always complained he was too tired. So many things have changed in the last month. We were told that the procedure wasn't 100 percent, and it may not be, but it has changed our lives 100 percent. It's amazing to think that something so small as snoring can really affect a relationship, but it did. Now it's just been a very different world for us.
Thanks to the entire staff of the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Phil himself and to The Snoring Center and Dr. Schwimmer. Our experience has been wonderful and life-changing. Thank you all so very much!