Robert's Journey

Twenty-three-year-old Robert, who tips the scales at nearly 800 pounds, made a desperate plea for Dr. Phil’s help in a YouTube video that tallied more than a million views. With his call answered, watch as Robert visits Dr. Phil and embarks on his weight loss journey.

Robert's Plea for Help
Robert asks Dr. Phil for help in the video that started it all.


Behind-the-Scenes: Robert's Weigh-in
Robert arrives at Dr. Phil's studio and faces the moment of truth: the weigh-in.

Behind-the-Scenes: Choosing Wardrobe
Robert opens up about his call for help and decides on his wardrobe prior to meeting Dr. Phil.

Behind-the-Scenes: To the Stage
Robert's mom, Nanette, shares her thoughts on her son's condition, and EMTs help transport Robert onstage.

Behind-the-Scenes: After the Show
An excited Robert says goodbye to his mom before immediately heading to Wellspring Academy of California for treatment.

Robert's Video Diary
Robert provides an update on his progress at Wellspring Academy of California.

Robert: Eight Months Later
Robert returns to Dr. Phil, eight months in to his journey. How much weight has he lost so far?



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