Rob's Statement to <i>Dr. Phil</i>

Dr. Phil,
I wanted to voice my opinion and be part of the show, but I believe speaking face to face or by video conference is a lot more telling than over the phone. I've never spoken to anyone publicly about my case and want to make sure the first time will be meaningful and a positive outcome.
I do strongly believe justice was not served and the information I handed over to the show was only a glimpse of the injustice in my trial.
My wife and daughters are what keep me going every day. I love them more than anything in this world. We're a strong family and will remain positive that we will all be reunited as a family once again very soon.
I want to make it very clear to everyone watching the show that this horrible event and me being in prison did not happen because of Kandi, this happened because of Emmett Corrigan.
Thank you for the time that you have helped my wife and girls. I truly hope you will find a way to speak with me face to face and see the real truth behind all of this.
Thank you again
Rob Hall