Social Media Obsessed Teen Says 'I Can't Breathe Without WiFi'


Seventeen-year-old Khloe admits that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are her best friends.
"I'm completely obsessed with social media," she says, explaining that she sleeps with her phone in her hand and starts her day at 6 am by immediately checking Facebook. "When it's not with me, I don't feel complete and I feel very scared," she says about her phone. "I can't do anything without it."
Khloe recognizes that her social media addiction has gotten out of control, and fears that she's missing out on personal relationships. "I do get panic attacks when I leave my house and there's no WiFi," she says. "It's very hard to have conversations in real life. It's so much easier to just text message or Facebook."
In the video above, she explains how her self-esteem is tied to social media. "The amount of attention I get on Facebook feels like a rush to me," says Khloe. "On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I get 500 to 1,000 likes on each picture ... It makes me feel really good about myself!" She estimates that she knows only about 50 of those people, but says, "They really feed my self-esteem."
Turning to Dr. Phil for counsel, she says, "I'm always on my phone 24/7. I need help. I want a normal life." Find out what he thinks the underlying issue is for Khloe, and how he proposes she break her addiction.

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