Special Thanks

Special thanks to Outrider USA and Personal Positioning Technologies.

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Outrider USA

Outrider USA’s goal is to get folks of all abilities “Out riding” again on custom-tailored electric trikes that are built right here in the USA. Outrider has been in the electric bike business for 11 years. All of their machines are designed and assembled in Fletcher, North Carolina (just south of Asheville). The vast majority of their parts are American-made (roughly 90%), and all of their machine processing (welding, cutting, and powder coating) is done with local partners in Fletcher, or in Florida, Alabama, or Wyoming. Outrider has been building quad/paraplegic trikes since 2014, and are continuing to develop control systems for individuals with even the most minimal degree of personal mobility. To learn more, click here.

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Personal Positioning Technologies

Personal Positioning Technologies is pioneering Personal Positioning for Ergonomic, Mobility and Rehabilitation. Physical mobility and the ability to move without pain are closely tied to emotional and mental well-being. Our vision is to improve quality of life, whether at work or at home. PPT provides effortless mobility to: people who have little or no use of their lower limbs, reduce daily fatigue, eliminate wear and tear on the body, and reduce the need for surgery and medications. To learn more, click here.