Hear Social Media Obsessed Teen's Reaction When Her Parents Take Away Phone

Seventeen-year-old Khloe says she can't breathe without access to WiFi because she's obsessed with social media. Watch as she explains how her self-esteem is tied to how many "Likes" she gets -- even though she doesn't even know most of her social media "friends."
Her mom, Melanie, and stepdad, Danny, say Khloe's social media obsession is destructive, and they turn to Dr. Phil for help.
"It pretty much is taking over her life," says Melanie. "My daughter lives in a fake world. She really does not have relationships with individuals."
That void even carries over to Khloe's relationship with her own mom. "It makes me feel horrible as a mom," says Melanie. "I haven't had a relationship with my daughter in six years."
When Khloe's phone has been taken away in the past, her reaction has been extreme, according to her parents, who claim Khloe had to be restrained and punched her step-dad in the face. Watch the video above to hear how Khloe has reacted, and how it's a powerful wake-up call for Khloe when she listens to herself on tape.
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