<i>Family: The Good F Word</i> by Troy Dunn


Known to audiences across the country as "The Locator," Troy Dunn has helped reunite more than 40,000 families in his career. Family: The Good F Word gives insight into the work he has done behind the scenes, making sure these relationships have a strong and lasting foundation. Whether you are just feeling a little stagnant in your home life or are already at your wit’s end, this book provides clear strategies for breathing new life, joy and unity into your family or partnerships. It recognizes both personal and family needs, teaches the reader how to break old patterns to improve individual happiness, and how to find happiness within a partnership and the family unit as a whole. Dunn explains that although we can’t necessarily fix our “given” family, we owe it to ourselves to fix the family we founded or are founding. Included are his Life Changing Action Plan (LCA) and 10 common Relationship Roadblocks and how to overcome them, including the biggest taboos of all: money and sex!

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Family: The Good F Word is published by Dr. Phil's son, Jay McGraw's, publishing company, Bird Street Books.