Taking the Next Step: Violent Kids

Catch up with what Scott, Carolin and Nathanael had to say on the show.

Scott and Carolin give an update since the show:


Dear Dr. Phil,
It has been about a year and a half since you first came into our lives to give our family the help that we desperately needed.  As you probably remember, we were trying to deal with a son who was violent who we all lived in fear of. He had very violent, out of control periods and then he would be so remorseful, he just wanted to die.  We begged you for help, and we got exactly what we needed!
Here is a little about the path we have been on since being on the show. We have all worked very diligently to follow the plan that was given to us by SUWS and Dr. Kazdin. We have had our ups and downs, but mostly ups.
In January this year we all went through some tough transitions, and Nathanael started to have a rough time again. We had to call the police, and they were great in helping Nathanael understand the consequences if his behavior continued down that path. Nathanael took it as an opportunity to get back on the right path. He has worked diligently and we are so proud of him for that. We still struggle with Nathanael’s sarcasm, and we are still working the program to help with that. (We know that we have come so far, and we knew that this would be a long process of training.)
Now, for the positive: Nathanael just graduated from the 8th grade, and he received awards for Star Student, Principles Honor Roll, Responsibility, and Perfect Attendance. We do not have to hound him over homework, because he comes home and does his homework without us even needing to ask him. We are very proud of his achievements in school and his hard work in trying to make himself a better person. Nathanael has just finished being a volunteer at our church’s VBS, and he is greatly loved by the younger boys and is a great mentor to them. We have parents walk up to us regularly and thank us for Nathanael being nice to their son and taking time out for the younger kids.  He still wants to be a mentor at SUWS some day and use his experiences to help other kids.
Nathanael is getting ready for High School and has started Freshman football. I know the future holds a lot for him and that he is going to do very well.
We watched the archive clips on your website the other day to remind us of where we used to be. It is a great reminder of how far we have come and how hard work pays off when you are given the right tools. Thank you for providing us those tools. You and your staff have given our family the hope that we had given up on.
You do have an amazing staff (please tell them that we said hi!) Thank you so much for your generosity and we will continue to work the program, and we know that we will continue to see improvement!
Scott and Carolin

Special Thanks:

Dr. Alan Kazdin

SUWS Wilderness Program