Woman Seeks Help Deciding Between Husband Of 13 Years And Affair With Childhood Crush

  Julie, who has been married to her husband, Rich, for 13 years, admits to currently having an affair with her childhood friend, Lloyd, since they reconnected after 25 years. "It's hard to make up my mind between the two," says Julie in the video above, which shows her interacting with both men. "I love them both."   She says the passion with her husband "died" a few years ago; they don't even kiss anymore. With Lloyd, however, she reveals, "We went to a local pub and reminisced about old times ... We went parking in his pickup truck ... I can't say we made love, we just had sex like two 16-year-old kids. The passion that I felt with Lloyd was amazing and something that I hadn't had in years."   Turning to Dr. Phil for help, she explains her conflict since the affair started a year and a half ago. "There are so many qualities in Rich that I don't want to let go of," says Julie, "but yet there's a lot of qualities that Lloyd has that keep me going back. I just can't make up my mind if I should stay with Rich or go with Lloyd."   On this episode, "Love Triangle Troubles: 'Torn between My 'City Boy' Husband & My 'Country Boy' Boyfriend'", Dr. Phil helps Julie uncover how she landed in this conflict, and what she and both men — who come face to face for the first time — need to do to take care of themselves. Watch more here.

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