Why Woman Who Signed Postnup Wants It Thrown Out

Karie and Michael agree they had "instant chemistry" that was "off the charts" when they first met online, and they ended up getting married. Six years in, however, Karie says Michael dropped a bomb on her: a postnuptial agreement.
In the video above, Karie claims she felt she was pressured to sign it. "Michael said, 'If you don't do it, I'm going to leave you right here and now, and you're going to have nothing,'" Karie claims. "I signed the postnup because he bullied me. Now I don't get any protection whether I stay in my marriage or not. I feel like I was scammed and deceived by my husband."
Michael, on the other hand, says Karie is making an issue where there isn't one. "What Karie needs to know about the postnuptial agreement is that number one, it only applies if we get divorced, and number two, if she's fully committed in the relationship then it's not an issue," he says. "I don't think the postnup should be tossed out ... It's a contract that you both agree to that you sign [about] how you're going to control what happens in case of a divorce. We don't have to pay lawyers $350 an hour to figure it out for us. We've already figured it out ourselves."
But Karie sees it differently, saying that if they divorced she'd be left with no security or access to Michael's money. "I live in constant fear of Michael leaving me. And I am not getting any younger. I'm not pretty. I just want this postnup to be thrown away," she says.
Is the postnup legally binding? Does this couple want to stay married? Should they? Watch more from  "My Husband Convinced Me to Sign a Postnup, but I Want It Thrown Out!".


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