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          December 21, 2018

          Controversial Parenting Gone Viral

          Dr. Phil delves into a very controversial issue, “parental humiliation.” It’s what many people are calling the new parenting trend in town, where parents punish their children, post it online, and watch it explode.

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          December 20, 2018

          All-New "Dr. Phil"

          Check back soon for more details about this exciting all-new Dr. Phil.

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          December 19, 2018

          Missing; Where is Corinna Slusser? And Girls Gone Update: Ebby Found

          What really happened to Corinna Slusser? Nineteen-year-old Corinna Slusser was last seen in the early hours of September 20, 2017 at a motel in Queens, NY – a location many say is known for prostitution and drugs.

          On October 31, 2018 the FBI arrested Ishi Woney and charged him with sex trafficking and other offenses in connection with Corinna. Corinna’s mother, Sabina, says she believes Corinna was sold from one pimp to another before she disappeared into thin air, and despite not hearing from her daughter in over 14 months, she holds out hope the teen is still alive. Plus, last year, missing teen Ebby Stepach’s parents appeared on Dr. Phil. On October 24, 2015, Ebby made plans to meet her stepfather but never showed up. Seemingly out of the blue, she vanished leaving no trace. While her family held out hope that Ebby would be found safe and sound, tragically, on May 22, 2018, their worst fears were realized when Ebby’s skeletal remains were found.

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          December 18, 2018

          Husband, Father, Murderer: Inside the Chris Watts Case

          An unthinkable crime: A handsome, seemingly doting father murders his pregnant wife and two daughters in cold blood.

          Behind this picture-perfect family, were there dark secrets? Was a mistress a motive? A team of investigators and a criminal profiler go inside the mind of killer Colorado dad Chris Watts.

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          December 17, 2018

          Scott Peterson’s Sister-in-Law: “Scott is Innocent”

          Sixteen years ago, Scott Peterson became a national villain after he was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci.

          The media and the public couldn’t get enough of it. But Peterson insists to this day that he is not responsible for Laci’s death, and his family has been fighting for what they call justice, in hopes of getting a new trial for Peterson. His sister-in-law Janey claims everything people believe to be true about the case is not, with the exception that Scott was unfaithful. She brings evidence to Dr. Phil she says will prove Peterson didn’t murder Laci. Will Janey’s new evidence help change the minds of the Dr. Phil audience?

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          December 14, 2018

          "My Fiancé Never Showed Up to Our Wedding, But I Still Love Him"

          It was just a month ago when Sasha says her fiancé left her at the altar on their wedding day.

          Sasha says her 125 guests who traveled from all over the country and even abroad were turned away by the wedding venue, being told the wedding was off. Sasha’s story went viral, even making international headlines. But, the story doesn’t end there. Sasha says her mother, maid of honor, and bridesmaids have no idea she is now speaking to her fiancé and seriously thinking about going back to him. Sasha says her friends and family have told her that if she even thinks about speaking with this man, they will disown her. Sasha says she wrote to Dr. Phil because she needs help revealing her secret to her mom and bridal party. Find out what happens when Sasha tells them the truth. It’s an emotional moment, you don’t want to miss.

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          December 13, 2018

          200 Police Calls – Who’s the Problem: Partying Teen or Attention-Seeking Mom?

          Melinda says her 18-year-old daughter, Cassidy, breaks doors, smashes dishes, charges at her and will destroy anything around her.

          She claims Cassidy recently hit her in the face and back and then pushed her into a broken glass, cutting her so badly it barely missed her artery. But Cassidy says that’s a complete lie and claims she was falsely accused of assaulting her mother. She says her mother is an attention seeker and not the super mom she wants people to believe she is. Melinda says she has sought help for Cassidy through doctors, police, judges, and lawyers but she has received little help and no answers. She says Dr. Phil is her only hope to save her and her daughter’s lives.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Problems with your teen?

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          December 11, 2018

          Accusations of Trespassing, Stalking and Lies: Twin Daughters Caught in the Middle

          Stacie says she’s worried that one day, the police will knock on her door and arrest her because her ex-husband, Chad, has filed contempt charges against her.

          Stacie claims Chad has been harassing and “stalking” their twin daughters, freaking them out by showing up unannounced to their events. Autumn and Madison, now 17 years old, say they have refused to see their father for the last eight months. Chad says he recently moved into the same town just so he could be closer to his daughters during their senior year and participate in their school events, but says Stacie wants to paint him as a bad person and has encouraged their daughters to keep him out of their lives. Stacie says she’s tired of seeing her daughters cry because of Chad and she wants Dr. Phil to step in.

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          December 10, 2018

          “Beautiful Disaster?”

          Larissa says her 14-year-old daughter, Noelle, is a “beautiful disaster.” Larissa says she cannot control Noelle, who is constantly breaking the rules, bringing drugs into the house, and has even stolen her car and backed it into a neighbor’s mailbox!

          Larissa says her daughter has absolutely no remorse for her actions. Noelle’s stepfather, Sean, says the chaos in the house became so unbearable for him that he packed up and left the home twice because he needed an escape from the mayhem! Noelle’s biological father, Jared, says the answer to Noelle’s poor behavior is not to send her to a mental hospital like her mother has done in the past. In fact, he says the best cure for her is to live on his family ranch where she can hunt, fish, and be a “normal teenager.” What does Noelle have to say about her behavior?

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          December 07, 2018

          A Teen Obsessed with Beauty and Perfection

          Seventeen-year-old Tamara claims nothing is more important than looking perfect.

          Tamara says she spends $7,000 a month maintaining her perfect looks, including getting lip injections at 16 years old and having her own personal glam squad at her beck and call. Tamara says she spends two hours getting her hair and makeup done just to workout at the gym. Tamara says nothing is too extreme for perfection, including a shoe and bag collection worth over $50,000 and having a brand-new Range Rover, despite only having a driver’s permit. Tamara says her physical beauty has also been quite lucrative online, where she has tens of thousands of “fans.” Tamara’s mother says nothing she says can stop her daughter from trying to look perfect.

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          December 06, 2018

          "12 Kids, One on the Way, and Too Many Problems"

          Michelle says her super-sized family of 12 children, ranging from 28 years old to 6 with number 13 due in two months, is full of problems from addiction, to clutter to finances.

          But many of the children say they feel neglected by their parents. They say Michelle is always busy being pregnant, YouTubing or paying the bills. And they say their father, Rod, is just a man who lives in their house who they don’t really know because he’s always working. For the first time, the children speak up regarding their needs and wants — but will their parents hear their requests? And, Dr. Phil helps Michelle and Rod with a new parenting plan, but Michelle doesn’t agree with all of it. Will she change her mind?

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          December 05, 2018

          “My Cat-Hoarding Obsession is Ruining My Marriage”

          Pamela wrote into the show saying she is obsessed with the 15 cats that currently live in her home, and she’s worried that her cat obsession might cause the end of her fourth marriage.

          Pamela says she is consumed with anxiety about the welfare of her cats and rarely leaves her home for fear that something bad might happen to them, and she says she is terrified that one of her cats might die. In fact, Pamela, a recent breast cancer survivor, admits, “I’d rather have breast cancer again than lose another cat.” Her husband, Mitch, says their lives revolve around the cats’ needs and feeding schedules, and he and Pamela get into fights about it. Mitch says something needs to change.

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          December 04, 2018

          “Our Lying Daughter Would Rather Live in a Car Than with Her Own Child”

          Nancy is a concerned grandmother who says she’s pleading for her daughter, Paige’s, life because she claims Paige stopped caring for her 18-month-old little girl.

          Nancy and her husband, Lance, say Paige left her daughter with them to live in a car with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend recently entered a treatment facility, and Paige moved in with her parents, but they fear that the minute her girlfriend is released, Paige will go back to living in a car with her girlfriend and leave her daughter behind with them. Lance says he’s been waiting to confront his daughter until they get on Dr. Phil’s stage. The family comes together to stop Paige before she hits the road again.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

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          December 03, 2018

          “My Husband Butt Dialed Me and Unknowingly Revealed He Blew His Secret Inheritance”

          Angie says her husband of 25 years, John, is a liar who kept his inheritance a secret and spent over $100,000 without her knowledge.

          She says John almost got away with it, until he “accidentally” butt dialed her. When she listened to the voicemail, she says she heard him unknowingly confess everything. But despite being caught red-handed, Angie says John refuses to admit what or who he blew all that money on. That is until he reveals the full extent to Dr. Phil.

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          November 30, 2018

          Unmasked but Still Unhappy

          Diamond was a depressed teen named Brandon who never left the bedroom and always wore a hoodie and face shield or sunglasses to hide from the world.

          However, in the past year, Brandon has transitioned into a beautiful young woman named Diamond. She says she’s the happiest she’s ever been and her glamorous lifestyle is like a movie or a music video. However, her mom, Kristi, says Diamond is jobless, homeless, and emotionally unstable. She says her daughter has been kicked out of 13 shelters/homes in the past year, and banned from all Salvation Army shelters nationwide! Kristi says she gives Diamond half her paycheck, but Diamond still puts herself in constant danger by escorting. Kristi says she worries about Diamond 24/7 and is choosing to be homeless with Diamond just to take care of her. Diamond’s brother, Mitch, says Diamond is an entitled narcissist who has selfishly taken over his mother’s life. He says if things don’t change, he wants them both out of his life for good. Can Dr. Phil help piece this family back together and set Diamond on a better path? Find out!

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Nowhere to turn but Dr. Phil?

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          November 29, 2018

          "Dr. Phil: Should I Divorce My Narcissistic, Angry Husband?"

          Jenn claims her husband, Seth’s, anger is out of control and destroying their marriage.

          Jenn says when she met Seth, her friends warned her about him, but she thought she could change him. It’s been 17 years, and Jenn claims Seth has charged at her with his fists in the air screaming, told their 6-year-old daughter that “Daddy is miserable,” and threatened to hit their 16-year-old son. Seth says when he gets verbally abusive, Jenn throws it right back at him. He says his wife is a hurtful, controlling, conniving woman, and he feels trapped in their marriage. Jenn’s mother says she is afraid of her son-in-law when he rages and has even had to call the police on Seth.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

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          November 28, 2018

          Bad Parenting or Bad Teen? Who’s Really to Blame?

          BeVee and Steve say they are on constant high alert as they never know when their 15-year-old daughter, Taylor, will be triggered into a violent outburst.

          They say these outbursts are like uncaging a rabid animal, as Taylor will sometimes punch holes in walls and hit her mother. Taylor says she has absolutely no control over her outbursts and blames her parents, particularly her mother, for much of her violent behavior. Taylor says BeVee is her “trigger” and that if her mother left her alone, she wouldn’t be so mad all the time. BeVee and Steve say things are currently so bad that they are terrified any form of punishment may send their daughter spiraling. Steve says right now, his only option is to physically restrain Taylor, and admits to one time resorting to hitting her with a belt! These parents wonder if maybe they are doing something wrong and contributing to this house of chaos. Dr. Phil weighs in — don’t miss it!

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling?

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          November 27, 2018

          "My Wife Cannot Stop Being Unfaithful and It is Destroying Our Family"

          Angela and her husband, Dan, say for years they have always seemed to be the picture-perfect couple.

          They have four beautiful daughters and say they are prominent members of their church. Angela even once was a pre-school teacher and kept fit with personal trainers, and they had a beautiful house and a nanny. But they say what their friends, neighbors, and church congregation didn’t know was that Angela had a secret. Angela says she can’t stop being unfaithful to her husband, claiming to have cheated with nearly 20 different men. Angela says she feels awful about her numerous extramarital affairs, but claims because of a “sex addiction,” she just can’t stop being unfaithful.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

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          November 26, 2018

          "It’s My Husband’s Fault Our Honor Roll Student Is on a Downward Spiral"

          Christa says she wrote into the show because she’s been in a divorce battle with her husband, John, for two years, and their 16-year-old son is well aware of the chaos in the household.

          Christa calls her soon-to-be ex a “pathological liar” and compares him to Ted Bundy. John calls Christa a “pill head” and “the devil.” Their son, Jake, says he prefers to play video games 24/7 to keep his mind from the family’s troubles. According to his parents, he’s currently refusing to go to school and band, went from honor roll to failing some classes, and is getting violent with his family. Christa confronts John about their opposing parenting styles and divorce drama in an attempt to secure a future for their teen before it’s too late.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Expolsive family drama?

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