Are you still looking for Mr. Right? Are you a catch, but can't figure out why you haven't been swept off your feet yet? Do you find yourself wondering what you're doing wrong? Maybe it's because you're that girl!


The Bachelor's Take

Dr. Travis Stork dated 25 women all at once on the hit reality show, The Bachelor: Paris. He says the experience taught him how to distinguish what's endearing in women from what's not, so he wrote a book identifying eight types of women sensible guys run away from. 


Are you the Agenda Girl, Yes Girl, Drama Queen Girl, Bitter Girl, Insecure Girl, Desperate Girl, Working Girl or Lost Girl? 



Self-Defeating Singles Katrina, Rebecca, Demetrice, Jennifer H. and Jennifer R. are smart, single women who can't find love. Are they that girl? What are they doing wrong? 


"I'm ashamed that I'm not married yet." 



When No One's Watching

In a social experiment, Travis and his two single friends, Lance and Russ, secretly observe the women having a conversation about men and dating. Will Travis and company be able to identify the women's self-defeating characteristic? 


How will the women's behavior change when a single man joins in? 



A Secret Admirer

Dr. Phil and Travis offer their final thoughts on what the women need to do to find love once and for all. Plus, one of the single men from the social experiment wants to ask one of the women out on a date! 


"I think you're a beautiful lady with a lot going on." 



Date That Girl! 

Are you or someone you know an eligible bachelor who'd like to go on a date with Katrina, Rebecca, Demetrice, Jennifer H. or Jennifer R.?


Send in a video and tell us why!

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