Steven Cojocaru, known to fans as Cojo, was the go-to fashion guy on the red carpet and lived a life of glitz and glamour. But that changed when he received the worst news of his life " he was diagnosed with kidney disease and needed a transplant " not once, but twice. Cojo chronicles his struggles with kidney disease in the book, Glamour, Interrupted: How I Became the Best Dressed Patient in Hollywood.

"Before, I thought the meaning of life could be found at Dolce & Gabbana in the men's clothing department!"

Desperately Awaiting a Donor

Terri has endured dialysis for two-and-a-half years while anxiously awaiting a kidney donor. She joins the show via Web cam to learn how Cojo maintained his positive attitude and how she can stay in the right frame of mind while waiting for a transplant.

Find out Cojo's advice for Terri.

Cavalier about Her Kidney?

Alison and Danaye say their sister, Missie, has had two kidney transplants, and they're worried she's going to need a third because of her stressful lifestyle. The sisters say their mom, Janaye, is at fault for coddling Missie.

What will it take for Missie to slow her life down?

Sucking up to Death?

Paul had a heart attack two years ago but checked out of the hospital so he could smoke a cigarette! His mom, Mel, says she's desperate to help him before he ends up in an early grave.

Can Paul kick the habit before he kicks the bucket?

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Glamour, Interrupted:
How I Became the Best Dressed Patient in Hollywood
By Steven "Cojo" Cojocaru

  • To register as an organ donor, visit the Web site

  • The American Kidney Fund is the nation's number one source of direct, treatment-related financial assistance to kidney patients, and is a leader in providing education and intervention to people who are at risk for kidney disease. For more information, visit or call (866) 300-2900.