Attention men: If you have a child on the way, or dream of being a father some day, a little-known law could keep you from having any rights to your child.



An Obscure Law

Esther and Bryce dated for a month before Esther became pregnant. After they broke up, he says she placed their baby for adoption before he even knew she was born. Esther says Bryce became violent and would be an unfit father.


"This is about war. I'm fighting for my daughter."



Grandparents at Odds

Bryce's mother, Chris, is devastated she can't see her grandchild and upset that Esther and her parents may get access to the baby because they know the adoptive family. Esther's parents say the child will have a better life now.


"You are not going to get rid of my grandchild." 



A Father's Fear

Bryce says Esther's father, Dylane, is responsible for giving his baby away. Dylane says Bryce has threatened him and his family. He fears Bryce could kill them.



"I feel he wants to kill Esther so we know what it's like to feel the loss of a child." 



What Now?

The lawyers in this case weigh in about the little-known law and the Putative Fathers Registry. Is the law unconstitutional and unfair to men? Plus, an advocate for fathers' rights joins the show. What can men do to protect themselves?


"First of all, be on notice, single men!" 

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