Dr. Phil continues his series on single women looking for love. From first impressions and dating red flags, to singles parties and eight-minute dates " find out why you may be overlooking the man of your dreams. 

Part One of the Project

Did you miss the first installation of Project Single Girls?

Get caught up. 


Getting in the Middle

Since her last appearance on the show, Lauren has taken some of Dr. Phil's advice. She even had fun at a singles event!


View her story and Dr. Phil's follow-up suggestions.


The Singles Mixer

 We set up our own singles party to take a closer look at first impressions. Find out what impact you may be having on others.


Get both sides of the story.


Speed Dating

One-on-one dating for eight minutes at a time is one of the newest ways to meet someone. Andrea braved the scene, and Dr. Phil weighs in.


 Ninety-eight percent of communication is non-verbal.

Snap Judgements

Danielle has a checklist that may be preventing her from giving the men she dates a chance. Are you expectations too high? 

View her blind date and Dr. Phil's advice.
Find out where Danielle is headed!


The Next Step

Since her last appearance on the show, Nina has been dating someone exclusively.


She has a question for Dr. Phil about "the big question."
See Nina's big news!