What happens when your family members are not exactly jumping for joy over your upcoming nuptials? Dr. Phil's guests say as their wedding days approach, they're struggling to make their family members happy.


Love at First Click

Shayla and Robert met online and became engaged via text message. Shayla says she knows Robert is the one for her, even though they only met 10 weeks ago and have spent just one weekend together. Shayla's mother, Marty, says she's never spoken to Robert, and she worries Shayla is rushing into marriage with a stranger.


"No matter how much texting, talking, e-mailing they could possibly be doing, you really don't know this person."


Marrying a Stranger?

Marty speaks to her future son-in-law for the first time. And, Dr. Phil has tough questions for Robert and offers the young couple advice about their relationship and the effects it might have on their young children.


"Does it concern you that he was willing to marry you without ever meeting you?"  


Fathers of the Bride?

Christine is battling her biological father, Chris, about who is going to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Chris is angry that she wants him to share the honor with her stepfather. Christine says her father is ruining her wedding day, and she's ready to disinvite him if he doesn't change his ways. 


Will Chris agree to Christine's plan?


It's Your Turn

The audience gets to turn the tables on Dr. Phil and ask him anything. Find out his favorite thing about his graddaughter, Avery, his favorite meal that Robin makes and more!


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