Have you ever had a problem where you wondered, am I the only one who is dealing with this? Dr. Phil helps guests struggling with a personal dilemma.

Questioning Her Sexuality

Lori says that after 18 years of marriage, she thinks she may be a lesbian. Her husband, David, thinks she's going through a phase and wants their normal life back. Dr. Phil and psychotherapist and sexologist Dr. Michele Angello weigh in.

"There's a difference between acknowledging it and accepting it."


Gripped By the Gory 

Twenty-one-year-old Sarah says she loves being disturbed, shocked and disgusted by gory movies. Her mother, Katie, says she doesn't understand her daughter's love of bloody and utterly terrifying films.

What does Dr. Phil think?


Too Pretty to Counsel? 

Lynda has a master's degree but says she can only find a job as a model. She says no one will take her seriously, and she is judged because of her looks.

Steps to take to land a job.


An Easier Trip to the Dentist

Michael, a Dr. Phil staff member, is so afraid of the dentist, he put off fixing his teeth for a year and a half. Dr. Phil sends him to Dr. Kevin Barrett, a dentist who uses a new technology that fixes multiple problems in only one visit.

Learn about the cerac system.

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