A drug addict, a shoplifter, a cheater, and a mom who's kept a secret from her daughter all come clean with Dr. Phil, saying they can't live their secret lives any longer.


Drug Addiction
"Nicole" is four-months pregnant and is addicted to painkillers. She fears her husband will leave her if he finds out, and she worries that she could harm her unborn child.


A Shoplifting Grandma
"Angela" secretly shoplifts everything from T-bone steaks to ceiling fans and 8x10 rugs. She calls in for Dr. Phil's advice.




An Internet Affair
When Jodi discovered that her mom, Charlene, was having an Internet affair, she confronted her. Their family was torn apart.


A Family Secret
Sheila has been keeping a secret from her daughter for 29 years. She says she can't live the lie any longer and is ready to come clean with the person she loves most.




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