If everything you knew about your life was erased in an instant, how would you reinvent yourself? Dr. Phil sits down with one man doing just that. Plus, one family searches for answers surrounding their son’s mysterious memory loss.

In Search of Scott Bolzan 
After a traumatic fall in his office bathroom, Scott lost recollection of his entire life. For the last three years, Scott's wife, Joan, has helped him revive his broken memories, which they've chronicled in their new book, My Life, Deleted. Dr. Phil sits down with the couple to talk about their joint memoir and Scott's journey to rediscovery. Who is the new Scott and how does he compare to the man his family once knew?
"The hardest thing for me to deal with is not knowing who I am."

Rebuilding the Memories
Joan shares how she helped Scott reinvent his life without sacrificing their happy marriage. How did they keep their romance alive? Then, Dr. Phil takes an exclusive look at the medical research behind Scott's rare amnesia.

Scott watches his wedding video for the first time since his accident.

Amnesia or Amnesty?
Sean claims he has no recollection of his life before his alleged May 2010 college graduation, but his father, Marty, thinks he's lying to hide some sort of secret. The suspicion surrounding Sean's amnesia is tearing his entire family apart. Can Dr. Phil get to the root of his mysterious memory loss?

"I have no recollection prior to the accident."