For Dr. Phil's guests, weight has caused conflict and controversy. They've been rejected, ridiculed, and become ill because of the extra pounds they've gained " or are terrified of gaining.


A Feud About Fat
Jessica, 13, weighs almost 300 pounds. Her sister, Rebecca, is 11 and weighs 225 pounds. Their Aunt Donna says she desperately wants to help them lose weight, but their mom, Maryann, says Donna needs to back off and butt out.
Dr. Phil gets to the heart of this fight over fat.



Supersize This
Joseph, 37, is a married father of five who says he has a beef with McDonald's. He claims that a manager at a restaurant refused to hire him because he weighs over 400 pounds. Now he's suing under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Learn more about the groundbreaking lawsuit.



"I'm Stuck in a Fat Suit"
Peggy gained 125 pounds after a car accident and says she feels like a skinny woman trapped inside a fat woman's body. She is so ashamed of her appearance that after saving a man's life, she didn't want the news to do a story on her.


A Big Fat Phobia
Charlene says she becomes physically ill and has to push her plate away if she sees a fat person eat. Fearing that she soon won't be able to eat in a public establishment because of her phobia, she turns to Dr. Phil for help.
See what happens when Dr. Phil introduces Peggy to Charlene.


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