Jennifer and Scott have been called "America's cruelest couple" for bullying their neighbor's dying 7-year-old daughter, Kathleen, who recently lost her battle with Huntington’s disease. The bitter feud between neighbors crossed the line when the little girls' family says Jennifer created a Facebook page and posted images of Kathleen with a skull and crossbones and yelled, “Hurry up and die” toward their home. They also claim Scott drove a hearse-like truck with a coffin attached to it down their street. Jennifer and Scott are prepared to offer an apology, but will the family accept?
Cruelest Couple?

Rob and Gabby say that their neighbors, Jennifer and Scott, took their grudge too far when they began to bully their gravely-ill 7-year-old daughter, Kathleen. Learn how they say the feud began, and why Jennifer and Scott claim they were simply retaliating.
“The story went viral and worldwide hatred emerged for Jennifer Petkov.”

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A Neighborhood Divided

Just days since Kathleen lost her battle with Huntington's disease, her family sits down with Dr. Phil and faces the neighbors that they say taunted Kathleen and terrorized them. Will Jennifer and Scott own up to their bad deeds? Will this apology be sincere? And can a truce be called on this embattled street?

"This is the end of it. Enough is enough."

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Learn more about Huntington's Disease and Kathleen's brave battle: