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Logan details the abuse she endured and how no one ever came to her rescue.   
Logan and Kacie open up about how they say they were exploited and abused in unimaginable ways. While the physical abuse may have stopped, they say the trauma has not. Dr. Phil offers both these young women a plan for recovery. Parents, ask yourself: Could this happen to your child?

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A Horrific Childhood
Nineteen-year-old Logan says for eight years, she was sexually abused and exploited by her own father, oftentimes in exchange for drugs. She says the abuse began when she was just 3 years old and that she was given heroin to keep her quiet and submissive. Learn what happened when the abuse ended and Logan visited her father on his deathbed. What final words did she have for the man who she says abused her in such unimaginable ways?

“It wasn’t just rape; it was torture.”

An Eight-Day Nightmare

Kacie, 21, says four years ago, she was on a simple trip to the grocery store with a friend, when her life changed forever. Learn how she says she was drawn into an eight-day nightmare, where she was held captive, sold on Craigslist and sexually assaulted by several men before she was rescued by authorities.

“My heart stopped, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I’m going to die.’”