Dr. Phil takes his viewers along for the ride as he makes guest appearances on some of his favorite TV shows.

David Letterman had a field day poking fun at Dr. Phil on The Late Show, calling him a "bonehead" and a "quack." "After all that ribbing, I decided to pay him a visit," said Dr. Phil, promising to "Open up a can of whoop-ass" on Letterman.


On the same day that Dr. Phil appeared on The Late Show, he braved a New York blizzard in order to appear on with Diane Sawyer. They joked about the impending showdown with David Letterman.




"Jay Leno is one of my favorites," says Dr. Phil. "His staff takes such good care of me." Even with that said, on his latest visit to The Tonight Show, Dr. Phil told Jay he had a "bone to pick" because of a previous onstage prank.



Dr. Phil makes his prime time television debut on Fraiser. "When they invited me to be a guest star, I absolutely jumped at the chance," says Dr. Phil. He jokes, "The role was a big stretch. I had to play me."




"I was in Chicago recently hosting a town meeting on family issues," says Dr. Phil. "I happen to have a good friend in Chicago who was kind enough to drop in and say hello." That "good friend" was Oprah Winfrey.



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