Monday November 25, 2019

Tuesday November 26, 2019


“My Husband’s Double Life Exposed: Should I End My Marriage?”

Nicole says she thought she knew her husband of nearly 20 years, Carter, but all that changed when Nicole uncovered a secret her husband has been hiding for years. Nicole says 12 days ago, she discovered that Carter has been having a nearly four-year sexual affair with a man. Even though Carter insists he has told Nicole everything, she is adamant that she believes there is more her husband is hiding. Find out the shocking results a private investigator revealed to Dr. Phil about the man Carter has been having an affair with.

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Wednesday November 27, 2019


“I Run a Sober Living House but Can’t Save My Own Son”

Crystal says her son is a troubled, marijuana selling, smoking and vaping teen who is headed to prison or the grave. She runs a sober living house but says she can’t seem to practice the tough love she preaches on her son, Dominique, who went from honor roll student and varsity basketball player to high school dropout. Dominique turns 18 in just a couple of weeks, and the family is trying desperately to give him a wake-up call before it is too late.

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Thursday November 28, 2019

A Thanksgiving Disaster, a Burned Toddler and a Family at Odds

Jacob’s son Blake was burned at 2 1/2 years old on a treadmill in his sister Ellen’s home at Thanksgiving in 2014. Jacob claims Ellen was 100% responsible for his son’s injuries and scars. Jacob’s wife, Beth, says that their family was uninvited to further Thanksgivings by Ellen. Ellen says that she never uninvited Jacob and his family, is not responsible for Blake’s injuries and says that in the four-and-a-half years Jacob has held this grudge, Blake hasn’t developed scars. Ellen and Jacob’s brother, Ed, says that he’s tried to play mediator, but after Jacob went on a social media rant in February 2019, rehashing the accident and continuing to blame Ellen, he knew that this unhealthy family feud needed bigger help. Can Dr. Phil help these siblings mend fences?

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Friday November 29, 2019


“I Blame Myself for My Father’s Murder”

Today, an unsolved murder and the plot to cover it up! Police say Shannon Ivey was murdered sometime in 2016, but his body was not found until 2018. His body had been wrapped in a carpet and kept in a cold, dark storage unit, mummifying for nearly two years. But his family didn’t suspect a thing and never reported him missing. That’s because Shannon’s family believes not only did his then-wife, Toni, shoot Shannon in the back of the head, but they claim she then tricked everyone into believing he was still alive by impersonating him via email and text. Shannon’s son, Lance, says he hasn’t been the same since learning of his father's death and is still completely obsessed with the case. Lance says he is riddled with guilt and believes his choice to join the Navy was the literal nail in his father’s coffin. His mother, Melanie, says Lance just needs to move on, but Lance says that’s not possible until he figures out why on earth his stepmother murdered his father. You don’t want to miss this one!

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