Dr. Phil continues to unravel the painful details of Johnna's past, including her troubled relationship with her mother, Cindy, whom she calls “demonic” and a “sociopath.” Cindy admits she was a terrible mother — and makes a shocking confession about her parenting skills. Is Johnna passing down a damaged legacy to her 23-year-old son, Chase? Don't miss this emotional conclusion!

A Painful Childhood

Johnna says she hates her mother, Cindy, and refuses to speak to her. She claims that Cindy abandoned her and allowed her to be beaten and molested as a child. “My mother is demonic; she’s crazy,” she says. “I think the woman is a sociopath.”

Cindy, who says she’s been married “eight or nine times,” admits that she was a bad mother. She says she raised her two half-sisters and didn’t really have a childhood of her own. “I was sick of kids,” she confesses. “I hated kids. I never wanted to have children.”

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Cindy makes a shocking revelation about Johnna’s childhood — and her parenting decisions. And, Johnna reacts. “She hates me, and I just hate her.”

Why does Cindy blame Johnna for Chase’s problems? Plus, Johnna describes another deep source of pain from her childhood.

Dr. Phil reveals even more heartache that Johnna has suffered through the years. And, Chase receives advice for becoming a better father. 

Johnna takes a parenting test — how does she fare?

Dr. Phil tells Chase that he needs to be truthful to himself and come up with a plan. “You’re too busy playing the victim,” he says. “You’re just kind of living day to day right now. You’re going to school to get your high school diploma. You’re 23,” he says. “When you’re in high school, and the first digit in your age is not a one, you’re falling behind.”

“I know,” Chase responds, with a tear rolling down his cheek.

“If you’re going to be a firefighter, you need to get yourself in shape,” Dr. Phil adds. “You’re not going to be a video firefighter, right?” he jests. “You surround yourself with people who know you, believe in you, that help you achieve your goals,” he says, pointing out that Johnna is one of those individuals. “And I, by the way, am applying for that position as well.”

“Thank you,” Chase responds.

Johnna raises concern about Chase living with Cindy. “It kills me that he is there with that woman.”

Dr. Phil points out that Johnna obviously loved and nurtured Chase throughout the years, but failed to prepare him for the world. “That was then, and this is now,” he says. “You need to hit the reset button.”

When asked about his feelings toward Johnna’s relationship with Ed, Chase says, “I think she can just do so much better.”

“You are 23 going on 13 with regard to relationships,” Dr. Phil respectfully reminds Chase. “You need to let them have that relationship.” He continues, “It might not be whom you would pick, but that’s not your decision; and you need to support her in her decision.”

“Everything in life is negotiated.”

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