Dana and Frank LaRosa say they got married after knowing each other only eight weeks, and their one-and-a-half-year marriage has been filled with screaming fights and included police interventions. Dana, who has three daughters, says Frank completely changed for the worse after getting married, and being with him is like raising a fourth child. She also says he is “sneaky” and “conniving” and has a chronic gambling problem. Frank admits he’s not happy in the relationship and has left Dana five times. He says Dana cries wolf and has had him arrested twice for domestic violence — conduct which he denies. What do Dana’s children have to say about their stepfather? Was this relationship doomed from the start, or can Dr. Phil help them find a solution?

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Married after Eight Weeks

Frank and Dana admit their marriage got off to a rocky start. “On the night of our wedding, I realized we had a real problem. He looked at me and said, ‘Can we change this?’ He wanted out,” Dana recalls. She says a few months later, she discovered that Frank had a gambling problem. She says he even stole money from her savings accounts and gambled it away.
Frank admits he has a problem with gambling. “I dealt with it for 24 years, went through rehab, refrained from it for months. I kind of fell back into it once we started having all these problems,” he says.

Dana also claims Frank has been physically abusive during their fights and has had him arrested twice for domestic violence.

Frank denies the abuse allegations. “I have never physically abused Dana,” he says.

Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of mysterious text messages sent to Dana. Were they from Frank, pretending to be someone else?

What do Dana’s three daughters have to say about their stepfather?

Dr. Phil has advice for this “ill-advised union” and makes an offer of help for Frank.