Amanda and Dave claim they are being terrorized by an "online hate group," and they fear for their lives. They say it all started when they closed their children’s consignment store, and a disgruntled ex-employee, Cari, started a group on Facebook. Amanda and Dave say they since have received death threats, been followed and had their home vandalized, leaving them afraid to even leave the house. The couple faces Cari on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can he sort through the accusations and help calm the hostility? Cari says she created the online group as a service to the community, but former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs has a strong warning for her — has Cari gone too far? And, can Amanda and Dave repair their reputations?

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Bad Business?

Amanda and Dave abruptly closed their children's consignment store last May, but former employees, Cari and Lynne, say the couple has failed to return customer's consigned items or pay them for the items they've kept or sold. Amanda and Dave admit they owe people money but say they haven't been able to pay since closing their store. Tempers flare when the two sides meet on Dr. Phil's stage.

“We want the money that you people owe us!"

Inciting the Public?

Cari, who started a Facebook group about the store and its owners, says it was not her intent to have the page become a place for hateful messages.

Dr. Phil reads excerpts from a private conversation between Cari and two others in her Facebook group. Are they crossing the line?

Former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs has some words of warning for Dr. Phil's guests.

Dr. Phil recommends both sides reduce the rhetoric and zealousness in the conversation.

He tells Amanda and Dave that they should figure out how to do the right thing and give people their money and/or items back.

He tells Cari to encourage the public to use small claims court for their fight and not wish ill will on anyone’s family. “For God’s sake, realize when you’re posting something on the Internet, nothing is private and it’s there forever,” he tells them.

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