In March 2014, authorities found 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer — who reportedly weighed just 29 pounds. Authorities allege he had been starved and locked inside a small closet under the stairs of a Houston-area home. His father, Bradley, and stepmother, Tammi, were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. In an exclusive interview, Tammi breaks her silence to explain why she claims she had no idea what was happening to her stepson. What was really happening behind the closed doors of the house that police say was little Jordan’s prison? And, where are Tammi’s seven biological children now? Plus, hear an update from Jordan’s mother, Windy. How is the boy doing now?

Get caught up on what happened the first time Dr. Phil examined this story.

Then, on the heels of his interview with Mama June, Dr. Phil sits down with Honey Boo Boo’s “Uncle Poodle,” brother to Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, in another daytime television exclusive. Mama June adamantly denies having any relationship with convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel since his release from prison — what does Uncle Poodle say about her denial?

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An Unusual Parenting Agreement?

Tammi explains that she signed a premarital agreement with her husband, Bradley, that kept her from parenting her stepson, Jordan. She says he agreed to take care of his child, and she agreed to care for her biological children.

Tammi claims she didn’t like the way Bradley treated Jordan, and she claims she told Jordan’s mother, Windy, that he’d allegedly spank and yell at the boy. She claims Windy told her to mind her own business. “I don’t have to be told by both parents, you know, ‘Butt out,’ before I get the hint that this is none of my business.” Tammi says, alleging that her concerns to Windy even got her in trouble with Bradley.

She says, as a working mother of six children and pregnant with one more, she didn’t interact much with Jordan. She says Bradley always had Jordan with him, and he was responsible for his own child, based on the agreement they made when they married. She says when Jordan was around, she never witnessed him being withheld food or placed in a closet, and she never noticed any injuries under his clothing.

“How do you have a child in that condition in your home and not notice it?”

“Did you let that little boy down?”

Producers reached out to Bradley Bleimeyer’s attorney and invited him to participate in the show. His attorney did not respond to the request for comment before the broadcast deadline. Bradley Bleimeyer is currently in jail awaiting trial.

Tune in to hear how Jordan is doing now!

Web Exclusive

Tammi's attorneys and a victim advocate explain why they believe Tammi deserves to get her children back.

Uncle Poodle Responds to Mama June

Dr. Phil recently spoke with reality star Mama June, from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, in a daytime exclusive interview. Mama June addressed her decision to bring her minor daughters around an ex-boyfriend, who was convicted of molesting her oldest daughter.

In another exclusive, Dr. Phil sits down with Honey Boo Boo’s Uncle Poodle, who saw the interview and tells a different story.

"The truth on the whole thing: June is lying."

Tune in to see more of Uncle Poodle's interview. What does he claim went on between Mama June and a registered sex offender? Plus, he agrees to take a polygraph test about what he claims to have seen!

Click here to read Mama June's response to Uncle Poodle's allegations.

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