Adopted as a baby, Rhonda says she wondered throughout her childhood why her birth mother placed her for adoption. At 24, she finally met her birth mother, Terri, and says she learned something no child should ever have to hear: Terri said she had tried to end her pregnancy by drinking an abortion concoction.
Since meeting, Rhonda and Terri say their relationship has not been what they had hoped for — but Rhonda says one good thing that came from the reunion is the unbreakable bond she now has with her younger sister, Beth.
Beth and Rhonda say that since reuniting, Terri has become a “complete mess,” adding that she is mean, nasty and verbally abusive — especially when she’s inebriated or high on pills — accusations Terri strongly denies. Terri says that Rhonda has turned Beth, and that the two have joined forces against her. She says she can’t believe Beth asked Rhonda to be her Matron of Honor at her upcoming wedding, knowing how “horrible” Rhonda has been to her. But Beth says she won’t even invite Terri to the wedding unless she cleans up her act. Who is causing the drama?
Can Dr. Phil bring peace to this toxic trio, and can this mom finally bury the hatchet with her daughters? Plus, learn why an accusation of molestation may be at the root of this family’s resentment.

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Tune in: Who's telling the truth, and how can this family move forward without anger?



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