Stephen, 20, is an aspiring model who posted online, for the world to see, claims that he was abused as a child. His parents, Steve and Christine, say they never abused him and have no idea why he is making this up. In fact, they claim that starting at age 14, Stephen has been verbally and physically abusive toward them -- so much so, that they’ve had to call the police multiple times for help. They claim that after one of Stephen’s fits of rage, he had to be institutionalized. Stephen’s relationship with his parents has become so hostile that Stephen says he hates his parents, is ready to file a restraining order against them and wants them out of his life forever.

Stephen’s girlfriend, Melissa, says she thinks that is the only logical solution to resolve this family drama. But Steven and Christine say they think Melissa is manipulating their son and is driving an even bigger wedge between them. It’s been months since Stephen and his parents have seen or spoken to one another. Don’t miss this explosive family reunion!

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